What If Your Lawnmower Stops Working

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Lawnmower stopped working?

There’s nothing more annoying that pulling your lawnmower out of the garage for it to refuse to start. A summer spent fiddling around with your machine can eat into a great portion of what should be your leisure time, or can end up costing a fair few dollars if you have to keep putting it into the garden center for repair.

However, lawnmowers are pretty sensitive things, and will usually start to show signs of needing a bit of TLC before they actually stop working. With mowers, if you spend a little bit of maintenance time each week then it is unlikely to need too many full on repairs.

One very common (and usually an easy fix) problem is that your mower won’t start. Very often this is as simple as needing a new spark plug, or the current one needs cleaning. This is one example of why regular maintenance is so important.

Other Reasons for Lawnmower Failure

If a mower won’t start and the spark plug is not to blame, then the following could be possible causes:

  • Perhaps the engine is not getting fuel. This could be that the fuel is not getting mixed correctly or it’s just not getting into the engine.
  • In the case of pull start mowers, maybe there is a problem with the ignition. Occasionally the automatic cord grip becomes a little loose so when you pull it there is not enough power to turn over and start the engine.

These problems will more than likely have to be fixed by a professional (unless you are extremely handy yourself) and this is the best way to have them diagnosed and fixed.

Sometimes the reason your mower stops working is fairly obvious. Perhaps you ran over a large rock or tree stump, causing a gigantic bang before the mower died. This can signify a pretty serious problem such as a cracked head. Your garden center will advise in such a case if it is worth repairing or if you should bite the bullet and purchase a new one.

Lawnmower Maintenance is the Key

As mentioned before, caring for your lawnmower is the best way to prevent most breakdowns. Make sure you clean the debris away from the underside of the mower after each use. Change the filters once a year and drain down the fuel before storing it for the winter. Check or change the spark plug at least once a year. Never use old gasoline in the mower as fuel can go bad.

A little time spent caring for your mower can drastically reduce the risk of it giving up the ghost in the summer. Something which is both time and money consuming, not to mention extremely annoying.

Reputable Resources for Mower Repair and Repair Instructions

Chuck’s Lawn Mower Repair Page goes through a laundry list of common reasons for a lawnmower to stop working, with suggestions on how to fix it.

Jack’s Small Engines also covers many common lawnmower repairs that you can do yourself.

Instructables covers lawnmower repair too.

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