Natural Gas / Propane / CNG Lawnmowers

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We all know the regular way that most lawnmowers are powered; it’s either gas or electric (cord or battery). When you visit the gardening store there’s rows of them on display, all proudly boasting of the reasons why you should pick them.

But as we all become more environmentally aware, and various cars and other vehicles are being produced to run on alternative fuels, then how about lawnmowers as well? In fact, it’s becoming decidedly easier to find a lawnmower which runs on a fuel other than regular gas or electricity, and there are even companies who are marketing these specific products.

Think of natural gas or compressed natural gas (CNG). A company called Dixie Chopper have launched a great riding mower powered in this way.

Having already been one of the first to offer a Propane Gas lawnmower, Dixie Chopper were eager to extend on their budding alternative fuel lines. The idea for this CNG mower links back to Kansas City Council. The city’s fleet of vehicles all have some form of alternative fuel and they asked Dixie Chopper if they could create them a riding mower. Thus the Eco-Eagle was born.

In terms of propane, the gas that cooks your barbeque food, how about using it to cut your grass as well? Lehr, decided to put its environmentally friendly technology to good use in the lawnmower market. Their Eco Mower emits up to 26% less greenhouse gases and 60% less carbon monoxide than a regular gasoline mower. They also offer a riding mower called the Cub Cadet. In fact, the propane powered mower has been hailed such a success that it was awarded the Popular Science Magazine’s 2010 Best of What’s New award.  www.golehr.comcgi-bin/

Before 1997, there were no emission regulations for lawnmowers; in fact, even today the laws are not particularly strict. But things are changing, mainly because of public awareness. People are becoming incredibly inventive in their ways of saving the planet. Check out this article on how to convert your lawnmower to run on solar power – although we’re not quite sure how safe this would actually be? Probably one for the professionals, rather than the happy amateur!

It’s also possible to buy lawnmowers that run on LPG (liquid petroleum gas). Not only is it more ‘green’ but you can save between 30-70% on the running costs. And we all need to save the odd dollar where we can in today’s crazy economic climate! Available in different engine sizes, the company ChenChang-GreenPower offer a range of LPG run lawnmowers –

Alternative fuel run lawnmowers are becoming such a big thing that last year’s LA AltCar Expo even had a natural gas powered lawnmower on display.

One thing is for sure; the green movement is gaining momentum, and even your lawnmower is in the firing line!/environment/article/2010-02/tech-reborn-greener-pastures d they also offer a riding mower called the Cub Cadet.

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